11 Useful Products That Your Kitchen Needs Everyday | All Under ₹500

Everyday Needs is all about the amazing products that you need in your everyday life. We recommend the best products available on Amazon India and we may earn small commission fees if you buy these products through a link on this page. We hope you love the products listed here.

1) A Microwave Rice Cooker which can cook 4 cups of rice effectively in a microwave.



It comes with its own Measuring Cup and a Tight Closing Lid with Steam Release Vent for easy cooling. It is perfect for a family of 4.

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2) A Plastic Dish Drying & Drainer Basket which drains out water from washed utensils directly into the Kitchen sink.

It has dimensions of 44cm x 30.5cm x 14.8cm and it comes with a separate section to keep spoons. Plastic material is strong and durable.

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3) A Multipurpose Jar Lid Opener that opens tightly packed lids of any size of jars.


This product comes with good quality rubber and you can open lids of any size from 1.4 to 3 inches.

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4) An Apple Slicer that makes your job of cutting apples more effortless.


It comes with durable high-quality plastic and food-grade stainless steel blades. Also, a small storage container which you can take to the office.

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5) A set of 18 Air Tight Plastic Containers that organizes your kitchen much better way.

These containers use 100% food-grade & BPA-free plastic (BPA-free plastic is non-hazardous to human health). You can stack these containers one over another so as to save much of space in your grocery unit.

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6) A 18 Inches Sturdy Kitchen Stepping Stool with which you can reach the top shelf without fear of falling.


This stool is very sturdy and made up to extremely durable plastic. It can be folded easily and can be taken outdoor also if needed.

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7) A Grocery List Pad which makes your grocery shopping much easier 


This grocery list is very useful for easy shopping of grocery items from Super Markets where each item has to be picked up from separate sections.

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8) A Mini Vegetable Chopper which helps you cut vegetables & salad finer like never before.



This Pigeon vegetable chopper is made up of strong plastic and stainless steel blades to make it more durable. You just have to pull the string to make it work for you, very useful.

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9) A Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper, Cutter, Grater & Slicer that makes your everyday cooking easeful.


It is a best-rated Made in India product which comes with variety of blades making it easeful to slice, chop or grate almost everything.

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10) A set of Silicon Lids that can be stretched and it fits on any container or bowls to keep them air-tight.


This set contains 6 Silicon Lids that are food-grade quality and can be used in microwaves also. They can be stretched in even non-circular shapes and keeps food inside containers fresh for a long time.

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11) A set of Food Storage Containers that keeps your food fresh for long.


These airtight food storage containers are ideal for storing food in refrigerators for a long time. Also,  these containers are very good to use as tiffin boxes.

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