9 Amazing Products That You Need For Perfect House Cleaning | From ₹200

Everyday Needs is all about the amazing products that you need in your everyday life. We recommend the best products available on Amazon India and we may earn small commission fees if you buy these products through a link on this page. We hope you love the products listed here.

1) These Silicon Cleaning Gloves that protects your hands while cleaning and also provide scrub for better cleaning.


This multipurpose Silicon Gloves can be used to clean kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures, your car and almost everything. You don’t need extra scrub as it has its own. It is safe to work at high temperature also.

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2) This 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit that cleans your delicate electronic products and gadgets like a pro.


This 6-in-1 cleaning kit has dust air blower, cotton swabs, plush & suede microfibre cloth, anti-static cleaning brush and lens cleaning solution.

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3) This Gala Home Cleaning Set which has 10 items that are useful in kitchen, bathroom & home cleaning.


This cleaning set has a broom, scrub, sponge, dustpan, 15 garbage bags, kitchen moppy, sink brush, toilet cleaning brush, floor cleaner soft brush & pocha cloth.

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4) The Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner that picks every minute dust particles from each corner of your home.


Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are World’s best vacuum cleaners right now. They provide the best performance in cleaning carpets, sofas, floor, upholstery, curtains etc.

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5) These Disinfecting Wipes that cleans your surfaces & maintains hygiene also.


One pack contains 35 disinfecting wipes.

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6) A Magnetic Double Sided Window Cleaner that cleans your windows from outside.


This is so far the best tool to clean your glass windows from outside, while being inside.

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7) A Small Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that cleans & mop your floor everyday by its own.

One of the best-selling gadgets now a days, this iRobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner cleans and mops the floor as programmed and you can manage it by using your smartphone. It even find its charging station by its own.

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8) This Lysol Disinfectant Spray which kills odour-causing bacteria in your home.


It kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, mold & mildew and viruses. Best product to keep illness away from home.

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9) This Electric Powered Drill Cleaner with 3 types of brushes that almost cleans every hard surfaces.


You can easily brush and clean your kitchen & bathroom tiles, parking tiles, car tyres and all scratch-free hard surfaces.

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