15 Luxurious Home Decor Items That Makes Home Feel Like Heaven

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1) This Vibrant Multicolor Carpet that stunningly adds vibes to your home.


This is made up of eco-friendly material and is available in different sizes from 3×5 to 22×55 sq feet.

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2) This Vibrant Multicolor Table Lamp that goes in crazy combination with above Carpet.


This beautiful lamp is truly a piece of art.

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3) This Furry Rug that look so amazing and quickly adds luxury to your home.


This is hand-tufted plush polyester piles which are soft and looks rich. 

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4) This luxurious Console Table with white top and golden legs that look so elegant in your home.


Dimensions : H 80 x W 30 x D 120 cm

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5) This beautiful Wall Mirror that goes perfect with your luxurious make-up table.


Dimensions : 22 x 22 inch

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6) This elegant Ottomans Stool with golden legs that creates crisp look with above Wall Mirror.


This golden brass finished Ottomans Stool is great for adding more than one seating spaces in your home.

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7) This Transparent Chair that adds modernised looks to your home decor.


Dimensions : Height (32.0) x Width: (18.0) x Diameter: (21.0) 

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8) This Cool Black Metal Table Lamp that adds vintage to your study room.


This is 100% handmade and is Made in India.

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9) A set of these two Golden Legs Coffee Tables that look so elegant and luxurious at your sit-out place.


Dimensions : 16″ H x 30″ L x 30″ W and  12″ H x 18″ L x 18″ W

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10) This Rice Paper Floor Lamp has its own way of cosying your home.


Dimensions : Height (46 Inches) x Shade diameter (9 Inches) 

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11) This Elegant White Bookshelf that makes your study room look like your dream place.

Dimensions : 80 cm x 28 cm x 106 cm

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12) This stunning Crystal Glass Chandelier which will look so royal at your home that everyone just can’t take their eyes off it.

Crystal Glass Chandelier

It has a size of 22 cm x 50 cm & 3 feet height and comes with 6 number of lights.

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13) This Eye-catching Sun Mirror that will simply make you fall in love with it. 


You can even get this design customised from a seller on Amazon.

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14) A Bamboo Garment Rack where you can keep your clothes, shoes, bags handy that you wear more often.

Made of good quality bamboo and the best-seller item on Amazon.

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15) And finally, this beautiful White Coffee Table with Metal legs that truly defines luxury at home.

It’s simple and modern design along with a unique colour scheme can make it match up to any of your living room furniture.

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