13 Home Decor Items Under ₹1000 That Your Home Desperately Needs

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1) This stunningly beautiful Hairpin Legged Table That can hold stuff while being decorative at home.


Its best use is as Plant Stand, Bluetooth Speaker stands and similar stuff.

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2) This Classy looking Black Diamond Chandelier that gives modern looks to your decor. 


The wires come with adjustable length so that you can customise its styling.

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3) A Moroccan Hanging Lantern that looks so royal once lighted up in your bedroom.

It can be hanged or can be used as a freestanding lamp.

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4) This antique and unique Candle Holder that definitely adds charm to your decor.


Get this looking candle holder tribal woman with candles like this.

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5) This Milton Cask Water Dispensing Jar that looks trendy on your dining table and also serves you mocktails in house parties.


Comes with copper lid, and look very trendy and fashionable. Use it as juice, cocktail or beer dispenser at home.

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6) A Zigzag Corner Shelf that can hold your ideal home decor items & books and looks trendy at the same time. 


You can even decorate it with Tea Light Candle Holders to cosen up your room.

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7) This beautiful Red Vase that looks majestic and you can set it up with any home decor item.


This sharp glossy red look so stunning, you can decor it with your favourite white flowers.

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8) This Funky Wall Drift Bottles Sticker that you can paste on walls, windows to make lively home decor.


You can customise the pattern of bottles as per your home decor ideas.

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9) This handcrafted Natural Bamboo Stool that you can fantastically place anywhere for sit-out or resting feet.

Dimensions :  Height 38 cm & Diameter 38 cm

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10) These Metallic Butterflies that can add more beautiful vibes to your bedroom.


It looks premium and comes with a set of 12.

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11) A pack of 3 Scented Jar Candles whose fragrance will make your room feel like flowers all around.

This set has Rose, Jasmine and Lavender flavoured candles.

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12) This pair of Small Wooden Wall Brackets that looks so royal and you can keep your favourite home decor items over it.


You can keep small statues, tea light candles or small flower pots over it for perfect home decor.

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13) And finally, add some colours to your home decor with this Multicolor Floor Rug


It has a size of 3 feet, but you can get even bigger rugs on Amazon.

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