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Everyday Needs is all about the amazing products that you need in your everyday life. We recommend the best products available on Amazon India and we may earn small commission fees if you buy these products through a link on this page. We hope you love the products listed here.

1) This Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder which prevents accidental spillage of your favourite nail polish.


It is made up of silicon which can hold any size & shape of nail polish bottle. With this holder, you can do nails while travelling in a bus also.

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2) A 7-days Pill Organizer that is very useful so that you don’t miss out your medicines.

Compact in size that easily fits in purse or pouches and useful. It is of the extremely useful thing for oldies.

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3) These Bra Clips which prevents your bra straps from showing up while being sporty.


It comes with a pack of three.

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4) These Cable Clips which you can stick on your desk to keep all cables, cords at a place.

Once you clip your charger cords on these cable clips, you won’t need to worry about finding them again.

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5) A Microwave Rice Cooker that let you cook your favourite rice even in hotel rooms.


It is made up of 100% food-grade plastic and can be used for cooking, steaming, storage and reheating.

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6) A Makeup Brushes Cleaning Pad which cleans your brushes thoroughly and removes each residue of makeup from it.


This pad is made up of silica gel and is safe to use for your skin as well as brushes.

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7) This Anti-Chafing Balm which helps to minimize rashes on your skin against rubbing with skin & clothes.


Once applied over the skin, it creates a protective breathable layer over the skin and reduces skin to skin and skin to clothing friction.

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8) These Underarm Sweat Pads which absorbs sweat from your underarms and doesn’t let it show up on your tops & T-shirts.


Especially useful in summer which can save you from embarrassing moments caused due to excessive sweating in armpits.

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9) This Bathroom Footstep that makes very easy to step your foot on it while cleaning or shaving.

Stickable on bathroom tiles as it has a suction cup. It’s quite sturdy and hence safe to use.

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10) A Privacy Protector Tempered Glass for your smartphone that doesn’t let people around you peep in your phone.


Get this extremely useful tempered glass for your smartphone according to its make & model.

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11) This Bed Sheet Elastic Clip Holder that doesn’t let bedsheets pull-off from bed every morning.

It is not only useful for bedsheets but also useful for holding table cloths, sofa covers etc.

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12) A pack of Plastic Bag Sealing Clips that can seal opened packet of chips, toast or anything to make them fresh for longer.


Seal leftovers properly with these clips so as to keep them fresh for longer. It has 18 clips in a pack.

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13) This Highlighter that clearly shows what you are highlighting so that you don’t mess up your book.


It comes with many colours and packs for different quantity.

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14) These Photo Frame Hanging Stripes that doesn’t require you to nail into walls. Just stick your frames and do your home decor easy way.


It doesn’t spoil the wall paint after peel-off so is very useful for people living in a rented house.

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15) This Bedside Caddy that is very useful to keep stuff like magazines, remotes, iPads on your bedside.


It comes with good quality materials and 2 interior, 2 exterior pockets and also holes for charging cables.

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16) A pair of Heel Protector Socks that provides relief from ankle pain after excessive walking or exercising.


This is unisex, free size and you can wear it all day long without worrying about a bad smell. 

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17) Finally these 12 pc set of Measuring Cups and Spoons that help you measure each gram of ingredient in your recipe trials.


You can measure quantity from 1/8 Tsp (0.66 ml) to 1 Cup (250ml) and can keep all cups & spoons at one place in a ring holder.

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